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The Best Senior Dog Food You Can Get for Your Aging Pooch

best senior dog food

When it comes to older dogs, we often overlook switching to the best senior dog food. For many dog owners, our beloved friends seem not to age -- or so we think. However, diet can be an essential part of keeping your older dog healthy so they can enjoy their golden years.

This is why you need to realize that at some point in your four-legged friend’s life, you will have to switch their diet to senior dog food. For smaller breeds, that switch should take place at around 11 years of age while larger breeds should make the switch a couple of years earlier. Whether you pet is starting to show signs of growing old (weight gain and reduced activity) or not, it is still advisable that you switch their food at that age.

Understanding Dog Health

For you to enjoy your dog’s company for a long time, you will need to understand what makes for a happy and healthy dog. Just like human beings, our beloved pets have many requirements that we need to make sure they meet for them to enjoy optimal health. Let me show you four of them.


Yes, dogs understand love too. In fact, they probably understand the concept of love more than their handlers. Your dog needs love. To meet this need, play with them, pet and cuddle them, and give as much attention as possible.


Originally, dogs roamed the wild freely. I’m sure you agree that the wild was a pretty big playground. That means they got plenty of exercise. You don’t have to take him back to the wild, but you can take him to a nearby field, park, or just a few rounds around the block to keep him fit as a fiddle. Regular exercise will help your dog maintain his health and weight.

Proper food

A proper diet (in quality and size of portions) is essential in ensuring that your pooch lives the best, healthiest, and longest life it possibly can. That is why, as your dog ages, you need to get them the best senior dog food as it meets all the nutritional needs of an elderly dog.

And this brings us to the topic of our discussion today -- the best senior dog food.

Three Reasons Your Older Dog Needs Senior Dog Food

When the time comes to switch your aging dog's diet, you’ll have to consider getting them the best senior dog food available. After all, they are your best friend and as such deserve nothing but the best.

But what’s all the fuss about switching diet?

Change in dietary requirements

One of the biggest reasons you need to switch to senior dog food is that the dietary requirements of your dog change in its advanced years. For instance, it will need more protein and Omega-3 fatty acids while you reduce sodium and fats.

The best senior dog food ensures that your dog gets exactly the right balance of nutrients needed at this particular stage of their life.

Increased risk of health-related issues

As a dog gets older, it becomes more susceptible to many health-related issues. For example, bone density might reduce if calcium is in short supply, leading to arthritic joints. Other risks include inflammation, obesity, and a whole lot more.

Fortunately, senior dog food is formulated to help combat age-related health issues, increasing the chances of your senior dog to enjoying its golden years.

Decreasing energy levels

As dogs grow older, they begin to move a bit slower than they did when they were young, just like humans. The reduced activity levels can lead to obesity and other health issues. Senior dog food is formulated to give your older dog more energy so that it can maintain a healthy exercise regimen.

How We Reviewed the Best Senior Dog Foods

One thing you need to understand is that just like human beings, dietary requirements are not the same for every dog. To equip you with the most accurate information on the best senior dog food we took a few factors into consideration.


Not all dog food is the same. It is critical that you consider the formula of the food when choosing the best senior dog food. The best dog food formulas take into consideration the dietary and energy requirements of older dogs. They also take into account the fact that as dogs grow older, their ability to digest becomes more difficult.

Customer reviews

Who better to paint a clear picture of a satisfactory product than actual users? But because the dogs themselves can’t talk to us, we asked the people who understand them best -- their owners and handlers. These reviews include ease of transition and other factors that make them (and their dogs) happy with the senior dog food.

Ready to go shopping for the best senior dog food? Let’s get to it then.

The Best Senior Dog Food: 7 Brands You Can Trust

When it comes to getting your elderly four-legged friend the best senior dog food on the market, you have to be willing to spend a bit more than you would for regular dog food. But the investment is well worth it as it can not only improve the quality of your dog’s retirement years but may also help extend your pet’s lifespan.

Nutro Ultra Senior Dry Dog Food With A Trio Of Proteins From Chicken,...
  • Contains One (1) 30 Lb. Bag Of Nutro Ultra Senior Dry Dog Food With A Trio Of Proteins From Chicken, Lamb And Salmon...
  • Features Trio Of Protein From Chicken, Lamb, And Salmon-Chicken Is The #1 Ingredient-Specially Formulated For Senior...
  • Our Premium Dog Food Kibble Is Made With High-Quality Ingredients And Provides Complete And Balanced Nutrition For...

Nutro’s ULTRA Senior Dog Food is one of the best senior dog foods you can find on the market. This rather pricey senior dog food has a lot of proteins sourced from free-range sources (chicken, salmon, and lamb) to ensure that your dog gets the best of the best. Not only do the proteins promote healthy muscles and tissues but other protein sources like salmon also contain omega-3 fatty acids that help combat issues such as inflammation.

Also included in the formula are more than 15 superfoods including flaxseed, sunflower oils, tomatoes, coconut, and whole egg among others. These superfoods are an excellent source of chondroitin and glucosamine, nutrients that promote a healthy coat and joints.

One of the biggest advantages of this formula is that it doesn’t contain wheat and corn. That makes it entirely safe for dogs that have food allergies. This also makes it easier to digest, especially since the only grain in the formula is rice, an easily digestible source of much-needed fiber.

If your pockets are deep enough, this is one senior dog food you definitely need to consider getting for your pooch. And if your pooch has lost some teeth (or simply prefers wet food), Nutro also makes Ultra chunks in gravy. It was given an Amazon customer rating of 4.5 out of 5-stars. The food costs between $30 and $80 depending on what size you purchase.

For dogs eight years and above, Diamond Naturals is a great senior dog food to switch to. Not only does the formula contain high-quality protein, but it also comes with a few other added nutrients that are essential to an aging dog's health.

This superb senior dog formula is packed with vitamins and minerals to ensure good health. But more than that, it also contains fatty acids and vegetables too. This is certainly one of the healthiest formulas you can find on the market.

The biggest advantage of Diamond Naturals senior dog food is the great antioxidant profile. Packed with great antioxidants that help mitigate the effects of stress that are heightened by aging, this senior dog food will ensure that your dog’s health remains optimal.

Is it the best senior dog food? It may or it may not be. But one thing is sure. It will definitely help keep your dog healthy, happy, and strong. The food costs between $10 and $40. It has an Amazon customer rating of 4.0 out of 5-stars.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Senior Dog Food, Chicken &...
  • Complete Health: Complete And Balanced Everyday Nutrition To Support Your Dog'S Healthy Weight
  • Healthy Weight Formula: Reduced Calorie Diet Made With Delicious Deboned Chicken And Peas To Help Satisfy Hunger And...
  • All Natural: Contains Only Premium, All Natural Ingredients With No Wheat, Corn, Soy, Meat By-Products, Artificial...

As the name suggests, Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Senior Dog Food focuses on wellness. It aims at keeping your dog in perfect shape in his or her golden years. The formula is all natural and is low in calories to ensure your dog maintains a healthy weight.

Among other things, Wellness Complete Health contains delicious deboned chicken, peas, and barley. This not only makes for a tasty and healthy meal but a satisfying one as well. For the promotion of healthy hips and joints, glucosamine and chondroitin are added to the already healthy meal.

The downside to this otherwise perfect dinner is that many dog owners reported it to be a bit of a problem when it came to transitioning. Other than that, when their beloved pets got past this, they seem to love the taste and texture.

For a dog that will maintain its good health past its prime, this could be the best dog food you can switch to as your pooch gets older. Perhaps because of the transitioning problems, switching a bit earlier would be better with this one. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Senior Dog Food has an Amazon rating of 4.0 out of 5-stars. It costs between $15 and $60.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Dog Food – Natural Dry...
  • REAL MEAT FIRST: Blue Buffalo foods always feature real meat as the first ingredient. High-quality protein from real...
  • FOR SENIOR DOGS: BLUE Life Protection Formula senior dog food contains glucosamine and chondroitin to help support joint...
  • WITH LIFESOURCE BITS: This formula contains BLUE's exclusive LifeSource Bits - a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins...

This senior dog food by Blue Buffalo is another dog food that will definitely sit well in your elderly dog’s stomach. Blue Buffalo calls the food “Life Protection Formula” for very good reasons. It contains a nutrient profile formulated to support your dog’s vital functions as it gets older.

The formula contains a well-balanced mixture of chicken for protein and brown rice for carbohydrates (energy) as the main base. Additionally, BLUE’s proprietary LifeSource Bits formula includes seven powerful vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.

BLUE Life Protection Formula is an excellent choice of senior dog food as it helps maintain muscle strength, joints, and your dog’s lovely coat. All this while keeping your pooch’s bowel healthy too as it doesn’t contain soy, wheat, or other hard to digest grains. BLUE Life Protection Formula costs between $14 and $50. It has an Amazon customer rating of 4.2 out of 5-stars.

Orijen Senior - 5 Lb
  • Biologically Appropriate Pet Food
  • Fresh Regional Ingredients
  • Never Out Sourced

One major dietary requirement for older dogs is good quality protein. And that’s exactly what Orijen senior dog food provides your dog with.

Some of the ingredients that make up the bulk of this food are free-run chicken and turkey, whole eggs, and wild-caught fish. This natural protein formula is also easy to digest, is flavorful, and promotes joint and hip health as well. Your dog’s coat will also benefit from the additives as they promote a healthy shiny coat.

Orijen’s natural formula is one of the best senior dog food formulations on the market and is well worth the price if budget permits. This easy to digest food costs from $24 to $90. It has an Amazon rating of 4.2 out of 5-stars.

AvoDerm Natural Senior Dry Dog Food, Supports Joint Health, Chicken &...
  • One (1) 26 Pound Bag: Avoderm Natural Senior Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food
  • Supports Healthy Joints: Natural Chondroitin Sulfate And Glucosamine Helps Support And Maintain Senior Dog'S Joints As...
  • Promotes Healthy Skin & Coat: Premium Natural Dry Dog Food Made With California Avocados To Promote Healthy Skin, Coat,...

The humble avocado is famous for being one of the best superfoods on the planet. And now it has been included in one of the best senior dog foods on the market -- AvoDerm Natural Health Food+.

AvoDerm’s natural formula includes other superfoods like alfalfa, tomato, and peas. That's on top of rich protein sources such as chicken, lamb, and salmon. This potent formula is certain to keep your dog’s tail wagging for years to come, not only because of the health benefits but also because of the great tasting flavor.

AvoDerm Natural Health Food+ is an excellent dog food for the senior canine members of the family. Besides giving your pooch a healthy coat and bones, it also helps fight inflammation thanks to its excellent antioxidant profile. Amazon customers rated this food 4.5 out of 5-stars. It costs between $30 and $55 depending on what size you buy.

Instinct Raw Boost Senior Grain Free Chicken Meal Formula Natural Dry...
  • High-protein, grain-free kibble plus freeze dried raw pieces provides a nutrient rich diet and pure nutrition for...
  • Natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Grain-free and gluten-free nutrition, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no fillers

Nature’s Variety Raw Instinct senior dog food is an excellent choice for breeds (or individual dogs) that are prone to losing their sight as they grow older. This chicken and turkey based no-grain senior dog food also contains salmon. It provides omega-3 fatty acids and DHA for brain and eye health. Top that off with freeze-dried raw pieces and mealtime will be an event your dog will always look forward to.

For improved digestion, Nature’s Variety also contains probiotics that aid in digestion. This ensures that your pooch’s stomach never experiences discomfort.

One of the best qualities Nature’s Variety brings to the table is the high protein density. It also has a low moisture content that makes it more nutritious.

Nature’s Variety Raw Instinct is great for a more natural and organic diet. It is one of the best senior dog foods you can get for your furry friend. This food can be a bit pricey, however. It will cost anywhere from $20 to $55. Amazon customers loved it and rated it 4.3 out of 5-stars.

Comparison Table

The Best Senior Dog Food -- Because Fido Deserves It

There’s no question about it. You need to get your aging dog the best senior dog food. It is one way you show how much you love them after all. If your dog is approaching its senior years (8+ years), giving them the best diet to enhance its strength and health is the least you can do for them.

So which is the best senior dog food for your beloved pet? Well, they are all highly rated and will definitely make for a great meal for your dog. But if I were to make a choice, I would go for BLUE Buffalo Life Protection Formula. It strikes the perfect balance between nutritional and economic value.

If you have a senior dog, we would love to hear your recommendations in the comments section below.

Image: Public Domain US, Max Pixel, via Wikimedia Commons.

Cesar Dog Food: The Best for Your Furry Friend’s Nutrition

cesar dog food

My dog recently started having problems digesting his food, and I decided it was time to switch dog food. I'd heard a lot about Cesar dog food and wondered if it was the right food for my fur baby. Feeding my dog quality dog food has always been incredibly important to me. After all, he is my baby, and I want nothing but the best for him.

Cesar dog food claims to be that brand. They say they provide quality food that pets will love, but is that true? Is this dog food worth all the hype?

What is Cesar Dog Food?

Cesar dog food is a brand that was created for small dogs to give them gourmet, savory meals that they could enjoy. The food brand, owned by Mars, Inc., is one of several types of products the company produces. Marcs also makes chocolate, food, drinks, and more. Also, Cesar dog food, the company also makes tasty dog treats for your furry friends.

Cesar Dog Food FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the dog food.

Where is Cesar dog food made?

Do they have both wet and dry dog food?

Is there a recall on Cesar’s Wet Dog Food?

What are some of the benefits of this product?

How We Reviewed Each Brand of Cesar Dog Food

We made our list by looking at the ingredients, nutritional guidelines and customer reviews of Cesar dog food on the Cesar website. Some of the dietary guidelines include a calorie count in each package of both dry and wet dog food, and how crude protein, saturated fat, crude fat minimum, and crude fiber are in each of the cans of food.

Some of the ingredients include flavor packets that are available to enhance the taste of each pack of dog food. Each flavor packet is formulated explicitly to be established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for maintenance. Other ingredients in this dog food brand include water, beef by-products, animal liver, meat by-products, beef, and chicken, as well as chicken by-products and calcium carbonate.

Price Range

You can find Cesar dog food at reasonable prices. Their wet food runs between $8 and $25. You can buy the dry food for between $5 and $16. Prices depend on where you purchase the food and how much it weighs.

Cesar Dog Food Products

The variety of dog food that Cesar's offers include Cesar Home Delights, Cesar Filets, Cesar Sunrise, Cesar Classics, Cesar Savory Delights, as well as Cesar Puppy and Senior. Below are some of these products and reviews of each of them.

Cesar Home Delights Variety Pack 6 Flavors 30 Count
  • Turkey, green beans & potatoes Meat lasagna Pot roast with spring vegetables Slow-cooked chicken & vegetables Beef...

Cesar’s Home Delights come in 18 flavors including broccoli with brown rice, ribeye, and porterhouse steak with veggies and potatoes, to name a few. There is such a wide variety for your fury baby. You can find this wet food for between $8 to $26 depending on the size package you buy.

The Home Delights food has pretty high ratings on Amazon. For instance, the variety 6-pack with multiple flavors has a rating of 4.6 out of 5-stars. Most customers say their dogs love the food. However, some complained that their dogs do not like it.

Cesar Dry Dog Food Variety Pack, 15 lbs. (3 flavors, 5 lb. bags)
  • UPGRADED SIZE & BETTER COMBINATION - Set of 4 pcs 2 LARGE (1.5L/ 50oz/ 6 cups) + 2 MEDIUM (1L/ 30oz/ 4 cups) silicone...
  • KEEP YOUR FRIDGE & KITCHEN ORGANZIED - Are you sick of a messy fridge and kitchen? Our silicone food storage bags are...
  • YKING QUALITY - Our premium silicone bags guarantees superior user experience. Leak proof, heat and cold resistant. Best...

Cesar Dry Food comes in a variety of flavors including prime rib, new york strip, and filet mignon. These dishes even have their food in individual sauce packets. These enticing flavors will make your pup very happy. The food is 100 percent nutritionally complete, so your pup will get all of the vitamins and minerals they need each day. It costs between $14 and $18 depending on where you buy it.

Overall, the Cesar Filets gets great ratings. For example, it has 4.4 out of 5-stars on Amazon. Most of the customers who reviewed it said their dogs enjoy it, but there were some complaints that other people's dogs disliked the food.

CESAR Wet Dog Food Classic Loaf in Sauce Grilled Steak and Eggs...
  • Contains twenty-four (24) 3.5 oz. trays of CESAR Wet Dog Food Classic Loaf in Sauce Grilled Steak and Eggs Flavor
  • Crafted without grains and with real meat, US Beef as the #1 Ingredient
  • CESAR Wet Dog Food is complete and balanced and fortified with vitamins and minerals to help dogs of all sizes,...

Another flavor that Cesar’s offers for puppies is the Cesar Sunrise. This flavor comes with grilled steak and egg, smoked bacon and eggs and chicken and cheddar cheese souffle to name a few of them. You can get your dog’s day off to a great start with any of these morning recipes. These enticing dishes will have your pups licking their chops with excitement. The food costs between $7 and $30.

A variety pack of the food has a rating of 4.4 out of 5-stars on Amazon. Some customers say their dogs love it and that they buy it in bulk. Other customers say the food doesn't cause their dogs any stomach issues while others gave it a 1.0 out of 5-star rating because their dogs did end up having digestive issues.

CESAR Wet Dog Food Classic Loaf in Sauce Filet Mignon & Porterhouse...
  • Contains two (2) 12 count cases of 3.5 oz. trays of CESAR Wet Dog Food Classic Loaf in Sauce Filet Mignon & Porterhouse...
  • Crafted without grains and with real meat, US Beef as the #1 Ingredient
  • CESAR Wet Dog Food is complete and balanced and fortified with vitamins and minerals to help dogs of all sizes,...

Cesar Classics include flavors such as chicken and beef; chicken and veal; chicken and liver and others. Some other flavors of the classic recipes include oven roasted chicken, chicken, and veal, as well as duck. Why not give your dogs a variety of choices? You can find Cesar dog food in the Cesar Classics variety for between $9 and $25.

Cesar Classics has great ratings on Amazon. For instance, a listing for Cesar Classic Wet Dog Food Variety Packs has 4.4 out of 5-stars. Customers are very happy with it overall, but some said the food made their dogs sick.

How it Compares to Other Brands

Cesar dog food did well in an overall taste test. Compared to other brands of dog food it is still one of the most popular selling brands on the market today.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

blue buffalo

Blue Buffalo is a grain-free brand that comes with a variety of dog food including Blue Life Protection, Blue Wilderness, Blue Freedom and Blue Basics and Blue Wilderness Veterinarian Diet. These offer your dog the wholesome nutrition to support a healthy and active lifestyle at any age, with food for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs.

It is a bit pricey, costing between $20 to $50 depending on which food you buy and how big the bag is. Each variety of Blue Buffalo has unique benefits including high-quality ingredients which support everything from a puppy’s skin and coat health to muscle, bone and cognitive development.

Blue Buffalo has great reviews on Amazon with their Life Protection Formula Dry Puppy Food getting a 4 out of 5-star rating. However, some customers warn of different colors and texture in the dog food bought on Amazon rather than the same brand of dog food from a pet store. Some even complained that their dogs developed stomach issues when eating Blue Buffalo food bought from Amazon.

Pure Balance Dog Food

pure balance

Pure Balance is the second dog food that we are comparing to Cesar's. It is a dog food that is both corn and grain-free. Like Cesar's, it comes in different varieties of food including puppy and adult. Each variety of Pure Balance food helps support a healthy immune system as well as healthy coats in dogs of all ages.

Some of the variety of food includes Pure Balance adult beef, vegetables and brown rice stew, Pure Balance adult chicken, vegetables and brown rice stew, and Pure Balance puppy chicken, vegetables, and brown rice stew.

A lot of customers give Pure Balance 5 stars on Amazon, saying that their dogs love it and have been healthy since eating this brand of dog food. One of the complaints is that Pure Balance is more expensive on Amazon than at Walmart according to some reviewers.

The price ranges from $25 to $45 depending on the size of the bag you get. Some recommend buying Pure Balance at Walmart instead of buying it from Amazon.

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food

science diet

The third brand that we are comparing to Cesar dog food is Hill's Science Diet dog food. This brand is plant-based dry dog food. There are a wide variety of foods to choose from with this brand including, puppy, adult, small and toy,  and weight. They even have food for pregnant dogs.

Some of the main features of this brand include maintaining strong, lean muscles and ideal body weight for your dog. They also offer high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients. They provide a flavorful, nutritious meal with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

This brand is more expensive than others, costing between $30 and $80. A lot of customers claim that they were better off buying it on Chewy.com to get better prices and discounts.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of buying Cesar dog food.


Dogs taste the difference with Cesar, while you see the difference in their appearance and eating habits. Some dog owners love Cesar dog food as the choice for their pups. A review from labroadortraininghq.com gives this brand a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

Some customers say that the senior brand of this dog food is excellent for older dogs and helps improve their digestion. Even some of the dogs without many teeth can enjoy the flavor and texture of this food with ease.

Some of the customers say that they love both the flavor and texture of the senior dog food. Many other customers say that since their dogs have been eating Cesar's their digestive problems have virtually disappeared.

Puppies also have an easier time digesting their food and have healthier stomachs. Reviewers warn other customers that their dogs literally won't eat anything other than Cesar dog food. They even say the food is addictive because the dogs enjoy it so much.


Some customers didn't care for Cesar dog food when they read about some of the other ingredients. When you take a closer look at this dog food, two ingredients have been raising concern in dog owners. They are Menadione sodium bisulfite complex and sodium tripolyphosphate. They neurotoxins and linked to toxicity and mutations.

The FDA deems that these two ingredients are safe for canines, you can research the side effects that these two ingredients can cause your puppy.

A voluntary recall was issued for some Cesar Filet Mignon wet dog food in 2016. The food had small traces of plastic in certain cans of the dog food. The plastic entered into the cans of dog food during the production process. Read more about the notice of the recall on Cesar's website.

Our Verdict

Small puppies are the cutest. They put a smile on your face every time you see one. You always want to feed them the best possible food. A lot of times, though, it isn’t easy to cook them the gourmet meal that you think they deserve.

That is where Cesar dog food comes into play. With gourmet recipes, you can make the perfect selection as to what dog food is right for your fur baby.

Iams Dog Food: Is it a High-Quality Option for Your Dog?

iams dog food

As a pet owner, you want nothing more than to give your furry friends the very best food. Iams dog food has been one of the leading brands in the industry for years. Satiable ingredients, fresh, natural, and flavor profiles your dog will love, are some characteristics you look for in foods. You don't want to choose the healthy food they won't touch. However, you don't want to compromise ingredients and safety, for a flavor profile they love. Iams strikes a balance between flavor and quality, ensuring your four-legged friend enjoys the best foods!

About Iams Brand

iams logo

Mars company owns Iams dog food brand. The company began producing foods in the 1940s. In the 1950s, it also became the first to produce foods relying on animal-based protein as the primary ingredient. The company stands behind a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee policy. They offer a variety of dog food blends, both can/wet foods and dry kibble varieties. The company also manufactures foods for specific dog breeds, diets, and lifestyle stages.

The Importance of Choosing Quality Dog Foods for Your Pet

There's no way around it. Your dog's diet is going to affect their health, viability, energy levels, and their lifespan. As a dog owner, it's important to choose foods with premium ingredients. Additionally, dog foods should be tasty so dogs will enjoy it. Premium Iams dog foods contain animal-based proteins. Also, the meals include fewer fillers than competitor's brands. With an assortment of flavor profiles and blends, owners can find great product lineups, regardless of their dog's age. For owners hoping their dogs continually thrive as they age, the best dog foods are critical to their development.

Types of Dog Iams Dog Food Available

Iams dog food brand manufactures both wet and dry kibble dog food varieties. The company also produces foods for dogs throughout all life stages.

Dry Iams dog food

Iams dry dog foods are available for every dog. The product is available for puppies and adult dogs. Protective health, digestion, healthy teeth, and coat, are a few of the offerings available. The dry dog foods are also available in mini and adult chunk varieties. This smaller size makes it easier for dogs to chew and digest the kibbles, regardless of their stage in development.

Wet or canned foods

Many dogs prefer the taste of wet dog food. A bold flavor profile makes this an excellent option for puppies. The food is also easier to digest than dry varieties. Often, dogs who are lacking in appetite will also prefer the wet food over dry foods. Iams offers a variety of wet dog foods for puppies to adult dogs as well. There aren't as many flavor profiles, but the company still offers an extensive range for owners to choose.

Flavor Options Available

Dogs are likely to enjoy their foods if there's more variety available. Iams dog food is a leader in providing a wide range of flavor profiles. Chicken, beef, lamb, liver, and vegetable blends are available. Many foods also incorporate gravies, rice, and other ingredients to enhance flavors. Owners who have picky eaters, or dogs with a heightened palette, will find something they're bound to like with Iams.

Foods for Every Dog


No matter what breed, age, or dietary restrictions dogs suffer from, Iams dog food has dog foods for every pet. And, a variety of flavors are available throughout each of the categories of foods Iams manufactures.

Age or size dog foods

Iams tailors pet foods for dogs of varying ages and sizes. Seniors, puppies, and everything in between is available. The company also has size-specific foods. From petite to XXL, the company manufactures foods for dogs of every size. Iams foods have proper levels of DHA, for growing puppies, through aging senior dogs. This feature provides the nutrients necessary for dogs to thrive, at all stages of life.

Special dietary needs

Iams dog foods are available for dogs with different dietary restrictions or requirements. If a dog is over or underweight, there are formulas for weight loss and gain. Healthy digestion, bone, and joint health, or foods with dogs with allergies, are also available. Ingredients like L-carnitine help dogs burn fat, while grain-free recipes are for dogs with allergies. No matter what their needs, Iams has food for every dog.

Dog breed food options

Breed specific Iams dog foods are available to meet every dog's health and wellness requirements. Healthy teeth, maintaining a healthy coat, and joint-health, are a few of the benefits of specialty formulas. Each food gives different dogs the optimal nutrition, based on their needs.

Common Ingredients in Iams Dog Food

Although every formula varies, there is a common strand of ingredients found in most Iams dog food products. Some of these include:

  • Beet pulp as an essential source of fiber;
  • Chicken as a leading, animal-based protein;
  • Corn, as a source of healthy carbohydrates, and
  • Fruits and veggies, to provide antioxidants benefits to dogs.

Of course, every formula has its blend of ingredients. But, Iams uses quality ingredients, to ensure a healthy balance for a dog's health and wellness needs.

The Best Iams Dog Foods Available

There are several varieties of Iams dog food products. Depending on the breed, size, and health needs, every dog owner will purchase different product lines. These are some of the foods with the highest ratings.

Iams Proactive Health Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food Chicken, 29.1...
  • Contains One (1) 29.1 Lb. Bag Of Iams Proactive Health Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food Chicken
  • Veterinarians Recommend Iams - We'Ve Got Your Dog'S Diet Down To A Science
  • Made With Real Farm-Raised Chicken

The dry dog food blend has chicken as the leading animal-protein source. The manufacturer uses farm-raised chickens. The food is made to increase the dog's metabolism, with L-carnitine to help them burn more calories throughout the day.

The food is great for overweight dogs. The formula contains 20 percent less fat than the Iams Chunk Recipe. The quality protein promotes strong muscle development and lean body mass over time. Some owners complain that the dog food made their dog sick. Others complain that dogs with specific allergies might not be the best candidate for this blend. Owners also note some dogs aren't fond of the flavor profile, possibly due to lower fat content.

For a 38.5 pound bag, this dog food is available through Amazon for a price range of $40 to $60. Amazon reviewers give this dog food a rating of 4.6 out of 5-stars.

Iams Proactive Health Adult Minichunks Dry Dog Food Chicken, 15 Lb....
  • Contains One (1) 15 Lb. Bag Of Iams Proactive Health Adult Minichunks Dry Dog Food Chicken
  • Veterinarians Recommend Iams - We'Ve Got Your Dog'S Diet Down To A Science
  • Real, Farm-Raised Chicken Is The 1St Ingredient

The food is available in chicken, liver, and beef flavors. These flavor varieties ensure there's a blend that even the pickiest dogs will enjoy. The mini chunks are perfect for smaller breed dogs or those who have difficulties with digestion.

Owners like that the first ingredient on the list is chicken (beef or liver). The quality formula will help increase muscle mass and development. No soy or wheat is in the dog food, and no artificial preservatives are in the mix. Some owners claim that the corn counteracts the health benefits and weight management of this food blend. Many owners also claim this "new" recipe isn't as flavorful as the previous formulas. Dogs don't like the flavor profile as much as the last recipe.

The dog food is available through Amazon starting at a price of $25 for a 30-pound bag. Owners rate this food blend with 4.5 out of 5-stars on Amazon.

Iams Sensitive Naturals Adult Ocean Fish And Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food...
  • Contains One (1) 17.2-Lb. Bag Of Iams Sensitive Naturals Adult Dog Ocean Fish And Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food (Discontinued...
  • Real Fish Is The #1 Ingredient In Our Hearty Dog Food
  • Our Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Is Specially Formulated With Easy-To-Digest Ingredients For Adult Dogs With Food...

This Iams dog food is for dogs with sensitivities to different ingredients in most dog foods. The ocean fish and rice blend don't contain corn or byproducts. Additionally, a rich blend of vitamins and antioxidants provides dogs optimal nutrition with this formula.

No artificial colors, dyes, or additives, make this a healthy food option for most dogs. And, those with food sensitivities, aren't going to react to the formula adversely. It supports healthy immune system function as well. Many owners note that the food has quality ingredients, but doesn't offer protection for other infections or illnesses. Dog owners also indicate that the price of this blend is higher to comparable brands/package sizing, of competitor products.

This price for this formula is between $50 to $60 on Amazon for a 9.3-pound bag. This food has a rating of 4.8 out of 5-stars on Amazon.

Iams Premium Protection Senior Plus Dry Dog Food 10.6 Pounds...
  • Discontinued By The Manufacturer
  • Contains One (1) 10.6-Lb. Bag Of Iams Premium Protection Senior Plus Dry Dog Food
  • Iams Wholesome Fog Food Is Enhanced With Glucosamine And Chondroitin Sulfate To Support Healthy Joints And Mobility

For senior dogs, specific ingredients are essential for healthy bones, coat, teeth, and joints. This Iams dog food has glucosamine to help support overall joint health along with chondroitin sulfate.

The dog food helps reduce tartar buildup, keeping your dog's teeth and gums healthy as they age. The high fiber blend also helps to promote digestive health. Some owners claim the food isn't ideal for picky eaters. Some reviews also note that the dog food doesn't come in more than one flavor profile. It might not be the best for smaller dog breeds.

The price of this blend is quite high in comparison to other dog foods. Average price runs from $55 to $85 for a 10.6-pound bag. Dog owners give this food a rating of 4.5 out of 5-stars on Amazon.

Iams Grain Free Naturals Adult Chicken And Garden Pea Recipe Dry Dog...
  • Discontinued By Manufacturer
  • Farm-Raised Chicken Is The #1 Ingredient In Our Wholesome Dog Food
  • Iams Grain Free Naturals Adult Dry Dog Food Is Made Using No Artificial Preservatives, Colors Or Flavors

The adult chicken and pea blend is a grain-free recipe, perfect for overall improved health for dogs. The first ingredient is farm-raised chicken, so owners know what they're feeding their pet.

No artificial colors, preservatives, or additives are in this mix. Corn, soy, and wheat are not present in the food either. Only natural ingredients and essential vitamins are present in the dog food blend. Some dog owners note in their review that the flavor profile isn't the best. It is also a blend which the manufacturer creates for larger breeds of dogs, so toy or mini breeds won't fare as well with this food. The price is also an issue reviewers have with this product.

The price of this food is approximately $8 to $40 depending on the size. This Iams dog food has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon.

Iams Proactive Health Puppy With Chicken And Rice Pate Wet Dog Food...
  • Contains Twelve (12) 13.0-Oz. Cans Of Iams Proactive Health Puppy With Chicken And Rice Pate Wet Dog Food (Packaging May...
  • Our Classic Pate Meal Is Made With High-Quality Animal Proteins Plus Vitamins And Minerals To Support A Strong Immune...
  • This Complete And Balanced Wholesome Dog Food Is Formulated With Omega Fatty Acids To Promote Healthy Skin And A Soft...

Several flavors are available of this dog food blend for puppies. It is available in six and 12-pack varieties. The rice pate is a popular choice for younger dogs and puppies. It is also an excellent option for dogs with digestive issues.

Animal protein is the first ingredient on the label, and there are some essential vitamins and minerals in the dog food as well. The recommended age is for puppies one year and below. It is especially suitable for puppies who have a hard time digesting kibble or hard foods. There are some fillers in this food. It also has preservatives, which are made to help the food last longer in the can. Therefore, it does contain specific ingredients owners do not want to give to their dogs.

The pate is available for a price of approximately $15 to $18 for a 12-pack of the wet food. The overall rating for this dog food is 3.9 out of 5-stars on Amazon.

Iams Proactive Health Adult Bulldog Dry Dog Food, Chicken Flavor, 30...
  • Contains (1) 30 Lb. Bag Of Iams Proactive Health Adult Bulldog Dog Food-Ideal For Both American Bulldogs And English...
  • Tailored To The Nutritional Needs Of Bulldogs For A Healthy, Balanced Diet-Because Different Breeds Have Different Needs
  • Special Recipe Formulated With L-Carnitine To Help Bulldogs Maintain A Healthy Metabolism

For Bulldog owners, this is the premier blend available through Iams. The manufacturer blends the food following exacting specifications. Doing this ensures the healthiest combinations of proteins, vitamins, and minerals for the dog breed. The food supports heart health and firm, strong muscle development.

For owners who want food specially made for their dog's breed, this is what this Iams dog food delivers. Many owners include in their reviews that the food is easy to digest. Smaller kibble size makes it easier for their Bulldogs to digest.

The dog food is for both English and American Bulldogs. It does not specify age, however, so it might not be suitable for puppies, or maturing dogs. There is only one flavor available for this blend.

The food costs between $13 and $40 depending on the size. And, reviewers rate it 3.6 out of 5-stars.

Our Verdict: Can Owners Trust Iams Dog Food for Their Pets?

Overall, Iams dog food brand is one of the most trusted in the industry. The product offers a wide range of dog food blends, for all types of dogs. It also provides foods with different health concerns and issues and dog breeds. Owners looking for foods targeting specific health concerns or problems can appreciate what Iams offers.

The ingredients in Iams dog foods is similar to many other mass producing dog food manufacturers. Mars owns the company, so it is an established brand, offering 100 percent guarantees to its customers. Although some food blends, especially the wet foods, do contain additives, they aren't as bad as other brands.

Overall, Iams is a brand owner can trust. The selection of flavors also makes it a popular option for owners who have dogs that are picky eaters. Owners should review product labels before choosing an Iams blend. Doing this ensures they'll find the most appropriate, and also find the combination that's best for their dog's health and nutritional needs.


Featured Image: CC by 2.0, by BuzzFarmers, via Flickr

Dog Food Buying Guide – 5 Things You Should Consider

buying for dog foods

What you put into your body is important. It helps your body maintain itself, gives it energy, and helps cells grow and repair while assisting you with just about everything you do. The same is true with your dog. A dog's diet is not as complex as yours. By nature, dogs are scavengers in the wild, but you can provide them with a healthy way to obtain all the important nutrients while ensuring they receive quality energy from their food. Not all dog foods are created equal, so you need to keep in mind a few specifics when selecting and buying food for your furry little friend.

Why Dog Food?

Just because food is safe for human consumption does not mean it is safe for your pet. Dog food is made with your dog in mind and provides nutrients that your dog will need. Your dog grows more hair and, as they are on four legs throughout their life, will need improved nutrients to support joints. They also age faster, which means their diets change over time, in a similar way to that of humans as the human body ages.

However, not all dog food is the same. There are quality foods out there while others use inferior products to increase profits. You need to know what to look for when selecting the right dog food. Some dog food will be cheaper. The lesser brands will often cost half as much as that of a top tier dog food brand. However, if you think about it, this is only $10 or $20 more a month, and the improved dog food may improve the quality of your dog's life while also extending it, which means you can have several more years with your friend.

While dogs are scavengers, they do not have the evolved stomach to deal with many of the processed foods humans eat (although in reality, processed foods are not good for the human diet, either). There are some foods that can prove especially dangerous to dogs, and while it is possible to create dog food at home, this is expensive and must be done every few days to prevent the dog food from going bad. That is why going with the right dog food is so important for not only your dog, but yourself.

dog food

5 Things You Should Consider When Buying Foods for your Dog

There are several things you need to consider when buying dog food. This way, you will give your dog the best tasting food that is also the best for them. It might take some experimenting with your dog. However, you'll eventually settle on the right dog food for their personal needs.


Dogs, just like humans, have allergies. Some dogs will be allergic to certain foods. You will see skin rashes on their bodies and on their ears. They might also scratch at their ears, which causes the back end of the ears to lose hair. They may act lethargic or parts of their face might swell. You can have an allergy test performed at your vet, although this may still leave you up to some experimenting. Thankfully, you can pick up the smaller four or six-pound bags of food to see how your dog reacts.

There are a number of things dogs are more likely to be allergic to. This includes grains, corn and soy, and some do have allergies to chicken and other meats, although this is less likely. It can also depend on the brand of food you're buying and where the ingredients come from.

Cheap Usually Means Filler

When you go to the store, you might see jumbo 30-lb. bags of dog food for $10. It sounds like an incredible deal. After all, you can feed your dog for a long time on that 30 lbs. The problem is that most of this is filler. This means that instead of giving your dog healthy nutrients and protein for energy, it is packed with fillers. Common dog fillers are grains, soy, corn and other items that don't provide much in the way of nutrition. It would be like if your dinner consisted of a loaf of bread or a steak and salad. One will fill you up and give you energy for an extended time, while another might fill you up for a few minutes, but you'll be hungry again, soon.

If you can, select items that do not have fillers. You will see right on the packaging that the food “doesn't use filler,” which means none of the grains, soy or corn. It also likely won't have rice, either. Plus, by ditching the filler, you'll likely be cutting out many of the items your dog might be allergic to.

Be Mindful of Recalls

There are pet food recalls all the time. These recalls are usually with inferior brand products (we won't say specific brands, but typically these dog foods are on the less expensive side). This is because the ingredients used are less than desirable. Lower-end dog foods use the very last bits of animals that are not used for humans. The scraps are more likely to go bad, which can lead to contamination. So, keep an eye out for product recalls and avoid buying these products. This is just another reason why it's generally better to purchase a better quality dog food that costs a few dollars more.

Age of Your Dog

You should always consider the age of your dog. What your dog needs to eat will depend on a number of factors, including their age. As your dog ages, they need different kinds of nutrients. An older dog needs nutrients to help fortify their joints. Many dog breeds are susceptible to arthritis, and it can be difficult to watch your friend begin to age right in front of your eyes and struggle to get up or walk. You can always purchase joint supplements (in fact, this is a good idea), but you should also buy dog food that is age specific when they are a puppy or when they hit the age of seven.

old dog

Monitor Your Dog

You really can see a difference in the quality of your dog's life when you buy them better food. So, when you change their diet to something of higher quality, make sure to monitor them. This includes not only how they act, but also the sheen of their coat. Is their hair thicker, and does it look brighter? You will also notice they have more energy even if they are at an older age. Again, quality dog food will contain more protein and less filler, which will give them the calories for energy and to live a happy life. It doesn't cost a ton to invest back into your dog and to give them the kind of healthy lifestyle they deserve.


When it comes to shopping around for dog food, it can be difficult to know what to get. After all, you go to a store like Walmart and Target, and there are dozens of brands and you may not know what to look for. It doesn't need to be that difficult, though, to select the right dog food for your pup. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Go to a Pet Food Store

In reality, the best way to get dog food is to go to a pet food store. These locations will have more options, and it is easier to get a better food for your dog. This includes not only grain and filler-free foods, but organic foods, as well. Lower tier dog foods come in contact with a surprisingly high amount of pesticides and other ingredients. Because your dog will be eating this for every meal and on every day, you don't want to go with something inferior. At a pet food store you'll find better products, and the people here will be more knowledgeable of the best dog foods. At a chain grocery store, you're on your own.

Dry is Easier

Dry dog food is generally easier to feed and often healthier, as well. That's not to say wet dog food is bad, as you can still find quality wet dog foods (and your dog probably loves the wet food). However, dry dog food is less expensive, easier to maintain, creates less trash, and can deliver on all the nutrients your dog needs. In general, its best to only go with a wet dog food if your vet tells you to.

Watch Your Dog

Always watch your dog. Yes, they might act like they enjoy their food, but they also will not know what is causing their nose to itch, eyes to water or ears to burn. You will need to watch your dog to see if there is a change in how they act, and then adjust what you feed them accordingly.


There are plenty of dog food options available on the market. By keeping a few specifics in mind and watching how your dog reacts to the foods, you shouldn't have any issue finding the right food for their needs.

Royal Canin Dog Food: Products Available on the Market

royal canin dog food

When dog owners pick a daily dining option for their pets like Royal Canin dog food, they are not just picking out an occasional dietary indulgence. Unlike people, who vary their diets daily and widely, our canine pets eat essentially the same food day in and day out. As a result, the nutritional content, cost, and trustworthiness of the manufacturer are essential to selecting the right dog food for your pet. Issues that matter for pet owners in their own diets, such as whether they are getting the right vitamins or whether the product is a healthy one, are magnified with pet food, which is consumed almost exclusively every day.

What Is Royal Canin Dog Food?

Royal Canin dog food makes its mission to constantly bring health and nutrition to your furry friend. The company states that it is impervious to the trends and swings in popularity in pet foods and pet diets, which often mirror those in the human world. For example, while their human owners may indulge in “fad diets” like opting to go gluten-free despite lacking a celiac sensitivity, pets need reliable, consistent sources of nutrition. Royal Canin dog food producers rely on scientific knowledge about canine dietary needs to create the right blend of nutritional, delicious dog foods for dogs at every size, age, and health condition.

Product Specs

Royal Canin dog food “engineers” work hard to create dog food options for dogs at every age and size. This means that the company's kibble for a two-pound chihuahua is very different in size, shape, and texture from that designed for a 200-pound mastiff. These dogs, even if they are both active and healthy, will need very different nutritional contents in their food. Royal Canin dog food offers fully one dozen selectors to help pet owners pick the right type of kibble or wet food for their dog's nutritional needs and even taste preferences.


It's difficult to compare pricing when dealing with pet food, even if we are only discussing a single brand, because specialized dietary issues add to the cost of the food and a small dog may consume in a week what a larger dog consumes in a day. Upon researching Royal Canin, we found it ranges from about $1.60 per pound to a little more than $3 per pound, depending on the specialization of the food in question. By comparison, more generic dog food options may cost as little as 70 cents per pound, but they are not designed and designated for specific breeds, ages, or health conditions.

Royal Canin dog food may be purchased online on sales platforms such as Amazon.com or Chewy.com or offline at local retailers such as your personal veterinary clinic, Petco, and PetSmart.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Hill's Science Diet Adult Light Dry Dog Food
  • Verus Life Advantage Dog Food
  • Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food
Royal Canin Indoor Life Small Breed Adult Dog Food, 3 lbs.
  • Helps maintain digestive health
  • Healthy body condition
  • Helps maintain coat beauty

Ease of Use

The only thing that potentially makes Royal Canin dog food more difficult than your average, run-of-the-mill dog food to use is that it requires a little more insight into your dog's health profile than a dry kibble simply purchased at the local grocery. Because Royal Canin dog food offers so many breed- and age-specific options, you will need to spend a little bit of time considering which option is best for your best friend.

The company has designed a special line of “veterinary-exclusive diets” that support health issues including urinary health, skin and food allergies, diabetes, digestive health, and even illness and surgery recovery support. With this many options, you may wish to consult your veterinarian. This is likely why so many animal hospitals and veterinary clinics carry this brand on-site.

Ingredients Used

Because of the vast array of specialty lines of dog food that Royal Canin offers, it can be difficult to delineate exactly which ingredients are included in which line of food. However, it is safe to say that Royal Canin dog food contains brewers rice, brown rice, chicken by-product meal, chicken fat, wheat gluten, corn gluten meal, corn, dried beet pulp, fish oil, vegetable oil, green tea extract, and citric acid, along with a number of other vitamins, minerals, preservatives, and natural flavorings. The company also offers a “guaranteed analysis” of how much each serving of their food contains certain nutrients relative to recommended consumption by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Packaging Design Quality

We found Royal Canin dog food's packaging system to be simple and easy to use. If the product is breed-specific, that breed is featured on the package. Also, the packaging clearly states the age, health condition, size, and personal preferences the product is intended to address.

Recall History

Royal Canin dog food has not had a recall in more than 11 years. The most recent recall occurred in May 2007 when the FDA issued a recall for several types of products due to potential melamine contamination. Melamine is an industrial chemical that sometimes ends up in dog food because farmers may inadvertently feed melamine-contaminated food scraps to hogs or chickens. Those animals sometimes end up in pet foods. The FDA does not currently blame melamine alone for animal deaths, but its presence is cause for concern because it interacts with other compounds found in pet food in ways that can interfere with dogs' kidney function. Melamine itself is considered a “relatively non-toxic substance” by the FDA.

Given that the most recent recall of Royal Canin dog food was more than a decade ago, it seems the company took the issues seriously and resolved the problem. On the official website, the company notes that it not only performs testing on all of its finished products to safeguard against this type of health issue, but it also quality-checks suppliers of individual ingredients.


  • Highly specific options for your pet
  • Extreme dedication to quality control
  • An option for every dog at every age and health condition
  • Easy on- and offline ordering options


  • Slightly more expensive than the “average” dog food
  • May be more difficult to get locally
Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult 1-6 , Light, Small Bites,...
  • Hill'S Science Diet Adult Light Small Bites Natural Dog Food Is Recommended For Adult Dogs Aged 1-6 Years Old Who Are...
  • Provides Precisely Balanced Nutrition For A Light, Healthy Lifestyle, In A Smaller Kibble
  • Contains 18% Fewer Calories When Compared To Hill'S Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Dry Dog Food To Help Avoid...


Hill's Science Diet adult light dry dog food is designed for the adult dog that may be at risk for gaining weight or have conditions that require fewer calories, such as being neutered or generally less active. The product includes an antioxidant blend including vitamins C and D to help support your dog's immune system, and the company says the natural ingredients and total absence of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives make the product easy for any dog to digest.


At roughly $10 to $15 per pound, Hill's Science Diet definitely comes in on the more expensive end of the dog food scale. The company notes that the dry food is made
exclusively in U.S. facilities and that ingredients come only from North America, Europe, and New Zealand. This eliminates several countries that offer less expensive ingredients and probably contributes to the higher price.

Science Diet may be purchased online from platforms like Amazon.com or from your local pet supply store, such as PetCo or PetSmart.

Ease of Use

Because Hill's Science Diet is intended to be a straightforward feeding option for your furry friend, the product is easy to use. The most complicated aspect of feeding your dog this product will be determining how much the animal should receive at each feeding time. Either a veterinarian can assist with this, or Hill's offers an online chart also featured on the packaging.

Ingredients Used

Hill's Science Diet dry food contains many ingredients you will recognize already, including chicken meal and corn gluten meal. However, this product also offers apples, broccoli, carrots, cranberries, and green peas as well as the vitamin B and biotin supplements. Although there are no artificial preservatives in this dog food, there are still plenty of “natural” preservatives in evidence to keep your dog healthy and help the product “keep.”

Packaging Design Quality

The packaging for Hills Science Diet adult light dog food is a little confusing since it features a generic dog on the bag and, despite advertising that the product is for less-active dogs, specifies the canine in question should be between 1 and 6 years of age. However, the company noted that a “new look is coming soon.”

Recall History

Despite rigorous quality-control standards about where ingredients are sourced, Hill's experienced a recall as recently as November 2015, when the company voluntarily recalled several dog food products due to “labeling problems.” The company also faced an FDA recall in June 2014 for potential salmonella contamination, a voluntary recall in April 2007 for potential melamine contamination, and an FDA recall in March 2007 for potential melamine contamination.


  • In recent years, very careful with ingredients
  • Not unwilling to voluntarily recall
    product if there is cause for concern
  • No artificial colors or preservatives


  • Multiple recalls, including in recent years
  • Relatively expensive
  • Confusing packaging and directions for products


If feeding your dog food made from cage-free chicken is important to you, then Verus may be the best fit for your pet. Of course, other benefits that come with cage-free poultry (although they are not limited to these birds) are that they are not treated with added hormones which may make their way into the chicken meal in your dog food. Versus Life Advantage foods offer a variety of ingredients that humans who enjoy indulging in the occasional diet trend may find familiar, including the following:

  • Sun-cured alfalfa
  • Flaxseed
  • Chelated (and non-Chinese) minerals
  • Patent-pending freeze-dried live probiotics

Verus proudly states it is the only company that includes freeze-dried microorganisms that may reactivate in your dog's gut once your pet eats them.


Verus Life Advantage dog food is only available online from third-party sellers and starts at about $3 per pound, not including shipping.

Ease of Use

Verus dog food is easy to use mainly because there simply are not that many options. Your biggest consideration will likely be whether your pet prefers grain-free chicken from New Zealand, a holistic blend of turkey and vegetables, or the Cold-Water Fish holistic dry-food formula. Verus does account for your dog's age, however, and offers a puppy formula and the “Life Advantage” formula, which is intended to be a fit for dogs of all ages.

Ingredients Used

Before disclosing its ingredients, Verus notes “the best meal you can feed your pet is a properly prepared home diet.” However, if you choose to purchase pre-prepared dog food, Verus uses live probiotics that have been freeze-dried, hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken, lamb, and fish, and whole brown rice and oats. The dog food also includes “chelated minerals,” which may be absorbed more readily into your dog's body. Specific blends may include vegetables as well.

Packaging Design Quality

Verus packaging can be overwhelming. Although the bright blue front is easy to spot, the only distinguishing factor between blends that is visually obvious is that the bags have stripes of orange, pink, green, or yellow running down the side. Be prepared for a lot of reading if you plan to browse before buying.

Recall History

Verus dog food has no known recalls, either FDA-based or voluntary.


  • All natural ingredients
  • No recall history
  • Potentially beneficial freeze-dried probiotics


  • Expensive
  • Confusing packaging
Pedigree Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food Grilled Steak &...
  • Contains One (1) 20.4 Lb. Bag Of Pedigree Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food Grilled Steak & Vegetable Flavor
  • Complete And Balanced Nutrition Provides Optimal Levels Of Omega-6 Fatty Acid To Nourish Skin, And Help Keep Your Dogs...
  • Pedigree Food For Dogs Features A Delicious Grilled Steak Flavor That Provides Antioxidants, Vitamins, And Minerals To...


Pedigree is probably one of the most familiar dog foods in this review. The brand is known not just by its longevity, but also because of its charitable work through the Pedigree Foundation, which is dedicated to helping shelter dogs avoid death and become happy, healthy pets. Pedigree's adult dry dog food offers a variety of flavors supplemented with B vitamins, zinc, and omega-6 fatty acids to keep adult dogs active and feeling their best. This blend also includes vitamin E for immune support and a fiber blend that the company says will “keep yard patrol in control.” The kibble's design helps promote chewing while keeping teeth clean.


At just about $0.61 per pound, Pedigree is affordable and easily available online on websites like Amazon and at nearly every grocery store and pet supply store.

Ease of Use

With Pedigree, all you need to do is pick a flavor and start filling up your dog's bowl based on their size and appetite. Of course, this lack of “process” may disconcert some pet owners since the food blends feel generic.

Ingredients Used

Pedigree's adult dry dog food, specifically, is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO. However, the ingredients list is heavy on corn and poultry byproducts, followed by meat and bone meal. While these ingredients are certainly valid sources of glucosamine and calcium, they may be light on protein. Unlike the other products in this review, Pedigree does use artificial colors, including Blue 2, and Yellows 5 and 6.

Packaging Design Quality

Pedigree's packaging is easy to spot because of the bright yellow background and happy-looking dogs on the front. They feature the specifics of each product blend, making it easy to decide between “healthy weight roasted chicken” and “roasted chicken for big dogs,” for example.

Recall History

Pedigree's recall history is not stellar, but it has not had a recall since September 2014. The company has three recalls on its record. The first, in June 2012, was a voluntary recall by Pedigree parent company Mars Petcare US. That involved three varieties of canned dog food contained small pieces of blue plastic during the production process. The second recall was also voluntary and took place in August 2014 after Mars Petcare US discovered small metal fragments in dry dog food bags. The recall included only 22 bags. The third recall was also voluntary. It occurred in September 2014 and, once again, involved small metal fragments in Pedigree dry dog food.

The good thing is that Pedigree has not had any FDA-mandated recalls. On the negative side, the company appears to have had a multi-year period of bad luck wherein production materials kept contaminating the dog food.


  • Very affordable
  • Appealing packaging
  • Charitable work with shelter animals


  • May not provide optimum nutrition
  • Has experienced repeated issues with the manufacturing process
  • Not a lot of specialized options for dogs

Royal Canin Dog Food Offers Specialized Products for All Dogs

After reviewing Royal Canin dog food both on its own and relative to other offerings for dogs, we found that this brand offers the best of all worlds. For this, we gave it an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Not only does the company provide highly specialized, nutritional content designed for the specific breed, age, and health-level of your furry friend, but it also provides that nutritional value at an affordable price that enables every pet owner to provide their pet with optimum nutrition. While Royal Canin may be a little harder than some dog foods to get, the extra steps of consulting with a veterinarian about the perfect fit for your animal will pay off when you provide the ideal nutritional meal to your pet every single day.