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Acana dog food is a leading brand in making wholesome food derived from sustainable, all natural ingredients that are designed to nourish your dog. They are known for sourcing their ingredients from regional providers. The meat is all ethically and sustainably raised, meaning your dog is given the best of the best.

Acana dog food goes against the grain by not putting any grains in their dog and cat food recipes. They follow a specific recipe that is the result of intensive research on canine biological evolution. In other words, the food is made with what these animals are designed to eat, not jam-packed with potatoes, grains, and other starchy carbs that are not designed for canine consumption.

A fad has begun to take over the pet food industry. This fad is veganism. While the intention behind vegan pet food is to minimize the amount of cruel slaughter that goes into making cheaper cat and dog food, the vegan food you are giving your carnivore friend is extremely detrimental to their health. They are designed to eat meat and being fed a diet loaded with grains and starchy carbs will slowly chip away at your pet’s health.

What is nice about Acana dog food and its other products is that you don’t have to worry about animal abuse along the production lines. This brand ensures that it not only provides a clean, natural diet for your carnivore pet but that the meat it uses is all seasonal and ethically raised. You end up getting the best of both worlds. Acana has made premium dog food under the Champion Petfoods label for many years. They are well known for selling food that energizes your pooch, all while encouraging growth and overall health. Acana dog food is a fantastic choice for your pup, but you end up forking over a bit more money than you would for an ordinary dog food brand from your local grocery store.

This article is going to dive into the different types of dog food Acana carries, which style is best for your dog, and whether or not this brand lives up to its reputation. If you are on the fence about whether or not to buy some Acana dog food, then this article is for you.

What Is Acana Wild Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food?

The first product we are going to take a look at is the Acana Wild Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. As mentioned earlier, Acana stays away from using grains in their pet food. While using grain is cheaper and easier for the producer and the consumer, it leaves your dog cheated out of essential nutrients. This style of dog food is inspired by the wildlife in the western prairies of Canada. They use local, free-run turkey and free-run chicken. This means the chickens and turkeys are left to their own devices, grazing outside in the sun and sustaining all of their natural ingredients. They also use whole eggs that are laid by chickens raised in the same manner. Last but not least, they source wild fish from the northern rivers of Canada. They use primarily walleye and trout. This mix of meat ends up totaling roughly 70% of the overall ingredients list, giving your dog the ultimate, nutrient dense meal it needs. This fresh meat means that no long list of additives is needed to round out the nutritional profile.

Product Specs

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Since a lot of the ingredients are naturally sourced, seasons will affect the ratios of the dog food you purchase. Sometimes fish will not be as plentiful or chickens will not be laying as many eggs. So, ratios might be impacted by seasons, but Acana makes sure you still get grain-free dog food no matter the season. When everything is prime and in season, here are the general product specs:

Each bags comes with 70% meat, or 35% protein. Half of the meat is fresh or raw, and there are a total of 5 different fresh meats. Everything is measured by the Wholeprey ratio, which is designed by analyzing the evolutionary needs of dogs. Freeze-dried meat infuses the food with flavor. Last but not least, they include whole fruits, vegetables, and botanicals such as lavender, all of which are locally sourced. This type of Acana dog food has an energy density of 4375 kcal/kg, with 36% of its calories coming from protein, 40% derived from fat, and the remaining 24% from fruits and vegetables.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Acana Grass-Fed Lamb
  • Acana Pacifica Dry Dog Food
  • Acana Appalachian Ranch

The meat used is phenomenal. Wild prairie uses wild trout, walleye, free-run chickens, and free-run turkeys. All of it is locally sourced and seasonally based.

Besides locally and ethically sourced meats, Acana also uses whole eggs, fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.

Packaging is simple, attractive, and does a great job at sealing in flavor. There are no complaints from customers on packaging style and effectiveness.

  • Uses all natural, wholesome ingredients
  • Diet is tailored to a carnivore, meaning your dog meets all of its nutritional needs
  • Ingredients are locally sourced
  • Ingredients are also ethically sourced, so animal abuse along production lines
  • Uses Wholeprey, a superfood for dogs
  • Universally loved by customers
  • Seasonally based, so don’t always have access to ingredients
  • Not all dogs will love the taste of this food

ACANA Lamb and Apple Singles Formula Dry Dog Food 25 Pound Bag

  • Acana Lamb And Apple Singles Formula Dry Dog Food 25 Pound Bag
  • our lamb arrives FRESH or RAW, in WholePrey form — a richly nourishing ratio of meat, tripe, liver, kidney and…
  • Acana Lamb & Apple Singles Formula Dry Dog Food 25 Pound Bag LIMITED INGREDIENT | BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE. (Fast…

Acana grass-fed lamb is inspired by the Kentucky grassland natural environment. It derives its meat profile from the local, nutrient-rich environment, featuring grass-fed lamb, locally laid eggs, rainbow trout, Muscovy duck, and free-run quail. They use nearly every part of the lamb. This means that the meat itself, plus the tripe, liver, and cartilage are ground into the food. The same goes for the duck, from which they use organs, cartilage, and liver, along with the fresh meat. The fish are sourced from the local Idaho Snak river and the free-run quail are sourced from South Carolina farms.

Like all Acana dog food products, the meat used is top notch. The lamb is all ethically raised by local, sustainable farms, and duck and fish are wild caught. The quail is free-run raised, and Acana makes sure to use every part of the animal in the food they sell.

Besides high-quality meats, the one and only supplement they add is zinc. All of the meat they use is meant to naturally fulfill your pups nutritional needs. No grains or starchy carbs are added. While 70% are meat-based ingredients, the other 30% come from fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.

Like all Acana dog food products, packaging meets basic requirements, is aesthetically pleasing, and seals the food so that it retains its fresh taste.

  • Uses local, wholesome ingredients
  • Only one added supplement
  • The natural diet for your dog
  • Meat is ethically sourced
  • Might not easily find this product at your local store

Acana Pacifica Dry Dog Food

41wvayj-rbl-_sl160_-9061033 ACANA Grain Free Dry Dog Food, High Protein, Freeze-Dried Coated

  • Grain-Free and High-Protein: High in protein and full of key nutrients with fresh or raw animal ingredients, whole…
  • Made in the USA: Formulated in our state-of-the-art Kitchen using only ingredients from trusted sources
  • Crafted with Fresh and Raw Ingredients: Matches the natural diets and physiology of dogs to best meet their natural…

Acana Pacific Dry Dog Food is a primarily fish-based product. It is made with 60% fish and 40% fresh fruits and vegetables. The fish base is boneless salmon, salmon meal, flounder, and herring meal, making this dog food rich in Omega 3s. Crude protein accounts for 35% of the product’s nutritional profile, with crude fat coming in at 20%. The fish is locally sourced from the Pacific, and the fresh fruits and vegetables come from the local prairie in Western Canada. Organic sea vegetables and botanicals are incorporated into the ingredient cocktail as well.

The meat used is all wild or farm-raised salmon, herring, and flounder. While it might be best for your dog to have a varied, red meat and fish based diet, it is still beneficial for them to get a majority of their nutritional needs from fish rather than grains or supplements.

As always, Acana dog food sticks with its pledge to make the best of the best when it comes to its pet food. Not only do they ensure that 70% of the food is meat based, but they also make sure the 30% remaining is comprised of organic sea vegetables and botanicals.

The packaging is similar to other Acana dog food products. It is aesthetically pleasing and effective in sealing in freshness and taste.

  • Wholesome, local ingredients
  • No grains or starchy carbs
  • Rounded nutritional profile
  • Not affected by seasonal changes
  • Hard to find off of Amazon

Acana Appalaichan Ranch Dry Dog Food

Acana Appalachian Ranch honors the diverse, rich mountain range’s habitat. This variety is loaded with Black Angus beef, Yorkshire pork, grass-fed lamb, American bison, and freshwater catfish. All of the beneficial parts of the meat are used, including the tripe, liver, kidney, cartilage, and fats. This perfectly mirrors a dog’s natural, evolutionary nutritional needs. A 25-pound bag comes with 17.5 pounds of meat. Like all of Acana’s other dog food products, they make sure to have a 70% meat profile and a 30% fruit and vegetable measurement. All of the meat is sourced locally from sustainable farms or from wild riverbeds. No grains or starchy carbs are added for empty caloric measurement.

The meat used is absolutely phenomenal. There is a perfect mix of white and red meat, giving your dog a wonderful balance. While the Angus does not seem to be grass-fed, the lamb is. All meat is ethically sourced as well.

The ingredients used are equally phenomenal. Alongside natural meat, the locally sourced vegetables, fruits, and botanicals make for a perfectly designed dog food.

Packaged like all other Acana dog food products. It is aesthetically pleasing and properly seals in taste and freshness.

  • Perfect balance of red and white meat
  • One of the most loved by canines according to customer reviews
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • One of the most expensive on the list
  • Hard to find in local grocery or pet food stores

Conclusion: How Good Is Acana Dog Food?

Acana dog food is fantastic. You can not go wrong when buying this dog food. It will ensure that your pup grows up as naturally and as healthily as possible.
It will also keep your pup slim by avoiding all of those unnecessary, starchy carbs. While you will fork over a bit more money, you will not regret investing in any of the listed Acana dog food products. If you want, try one of the cheaper options on the list, such as Acana Pacifica, to slowly break your wallet into this expensive new feeding regime. However, we’re sure you’ll be won over after your first bag.