7 Best Canned Dog Food Brands for Your Furry Friend That You Should Buy

As a pet owner, you want nothing more than to ensure your dog’s diet is healthy. That means their diet should consist of the best foods and should contain all natural ingredients. Canned food isn’t required for dogs, but for many, it’s the best choice. For picky eaters may be the only diet they will accept, for others the only type of food they can eat.

Whatever the reason you have chosen canned food for your best friend, you are sure to want it to be the best quality. Therefore, you must choose the best canned dog food to feed them as a routine part of their diet. If there’s an ingredient on the list you’re unfamiliar with, do a little research.

Better yet, if you don’t know how to pronounce an ingredient or never heard of it, don’t feed it to your dog! Of course, you want to choose tasty dog foods they’ll enjoy. However, dog owners should place their dog’s health at the top of the list, when setting their diet.

Ingredients Found in the Best Canned Dog Food

The ingredients in your dog’s food are the most critical factor in the selection process when choosing canned dog food. You should always avoid fillers and harsh additives.

When comparing food labels, always read from the top down. Make sure you fully understand what you’re feeding your dog. That means fully understanding what goes into the production and manufacturing process of the canned foods you’re feeding them.

Some of the primary sources or ingredients in canned dog food should include:

  • Protein
  • Grains (whole and unprocessed)
  • Veggies
  • Fruit

Owners should look for terms like “fully-fortified,” or complete and balanced on the label. The more all-natural the blend is, the healthier it is likely going to be for your dog as well.

Protein Should Always be the Primary Ingredient

Dog owners should always look for a rich source of protein as the primary ingredient in canned dog foods. Some sources include:

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Bison
  • Turkey
  • Lamb
  • Beef

Of course, this isn’t an all-inclusive list of proteins. If, however, the canned dog food has these sources as the first ingredient, owners can trust it’s a good option for their dog.

The best canned dog food will have a high amount of protein in the blend. So, it is essential for owners to consider this and compare several flavor profiles, before choosing the foods.

What Ingredients to Avoid in Dog Foods

There are, of course, some ingredients you should avoid entirely. If found in low quantities, they aren’t harmful to your dogs. But, if at all possible, avoid these ingredients when choosing canned dog food, or dry foods.

By Products

Pet owners know that they have no control over the ingredients manufacturers place in dog food. And, to make matters worse, byproducts come in the form of veggies, proteins, and grains. If you see terms like “modified beef,” this might be a sign to turn elsewhere.

Byproducts help extend shelf-life, but they aren’t good for your pets. Owners are better off paying a little more for foods that expire faster than compromising the dog’s health.

Food Binders

Wheat gluten gums and gelatin are often added to foods by manufacturers. These ingredients bind the food together in the can. They make it compact, so it is easy for manufacturers to package and sell.

It is also cheaper for manufacturers to produce foods this way. However, it isn’t the safest option for your dog. If at all possible, avoid these binding agents, and opt for all-natural canned foods instead.

Non-Specific Animal Sources

When buying canned food, read the ingredient list. If the liver, tripe, or heart is the protein listed, without the animal-source (poultry, beef, etc.), don’t buy it. Make sure you know what is in the canned food. If owners aren’t sure, it is best to choose a different canned product.


Sugar and molasses are two common sweeteners some dog food manufacturers use. Canned dog food doesn’t need these ingredients. In fact, dogs shouldn’t be consuming sugars in their diet regularly. As a pet owner, make sure to cautiously read labels, to avoid these unnecessary ingredients in their foods.

Specific Nutrition Needs

When choosing your dog’s canned food, consider their dietary needs. For example, if your diet is aging, food for healthy joints might be the best option. Overweight dogs might require a healthy-formulated blend for lean muscle development.

Or, if your dog has allergies, consider this when selecting their dog food as well. The best canned dog food might differ for each dog. However, the ingredients are always a top priority dog owners must keep in mind, when comparing top brands and foods.

How We Compared the Canned Foods

In our comparison, we primarily consider the ingredients. If there are high levels of fillers, additives, or byproducts, we do not suggest these foods to dog owners. We also consider the top-rated dog food brands and pricing. Additionally, we consider the average reviews other dog owners have left about a product.

The Best Canned Dog Food

When choosing canned dog food, owners have to compare several available brands and blends. Of course, your dog’s preference in protein will dictate your purchase, as well as any food allergies. However, owners should compare several top brands before settling on a food option. Doing this ensures the healthiest and best blends are chosen for your dog.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Natural Dog Food

Available in several flavor blends, this all-natural dog food is a great addition to any dog’s diet. There are blends for puppies, adult dogs, and for dogs with special dietary needs. Protein is the first ingredient on the list, and the canned dog food is made in the US.

Owners like that it is available in several flavor profiles. All ingredients are also clearly specified on the label, so there’s no guessing what is in the mix. There is no corn, wheat, soy, or artificial dyes in the mix. Limiting these ingredients also makes for a good profile for any dog’s dietary needs.

Owners find this dog food to be a bit expensive in comparison to several well-known dog food brands. Some owners also note their dogs don’t like the flavor profile much. And, some complain that the product packaging isn’t the best option available.

Nutro Ultra Chicken Blend

NUTRO ULTRA Large Breed Adult Chunks in Gravy Wet Dog Food, Supports…

  • Contains twelve (12) 12.5-oz. cans of ULTRA Adult Large Breed Canned Dog Food
  • Combined protein sources from chicken, lamb, salmon and high quality ingredients to ensure optimal amino acid levels and…
  • Formulated with natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin to help support joint health

The wet dog food blend has a primary source of chicken as the protein, making it safe for consumption. Nutro is a reputable brand-name so that owners can rely on the quality blend of the food. The product is available in bulk, 12-pack varieties, making it more affordable when reordering.

No corn, soy, or artificial ingredients are in this dog food. The wet blend is also rich in protein sources. Chicken, lamb, and turkey, are the primary ingredients on the label. Additionally, owners like that no dyes or harsh additives are present in this dog food blend.

Some owners complain there isn’t a specific blend for adult dogs and puppies. Additionally, some consumers also complain that the poor product packaging. Some complaints that the food has made dogs ill, and causes diarrhea, is also a note which some reviewers include.

Hill’s Science Perfect Weight

For dog owners who want their dog to maintain a healthy weight, this is one of the best canned dog food blends to consider. It is available in various flavor profiles, so owners can choose one which their dog enjoys. And, the softer ingredients are perfect for less active dogs.

Dog owners appreciate how the ingredients are rich and high in nutrient content. The food is specifically made for dogs who lead a less active lifestyle. Wholesome ingredients and no added artificial flavors or byproducts are in the blend. These ingredients are perfect for a healthy, balanced diet, for any dog which has to shed a few pounds.

Some consumers complain that dogs don’t like the flavor blends. A few reviews also note that meat flies are in the product. These flies are unsanitary and are potentially dangerous for dogs. Many owners also claim that the product is not well packaged either.

Royal Canin Mature Dog Food

The dog food is for older, more mature dogs. It has a rich blend of natural ingredients which helps with joint lubrication and fortification. The food is made for dogs that are age eight and older. So, for aging dogs, or those who aren’t as active, this is a great food to consider feeding them.

Owners like the quality packaging of this food. The canned food isn’t too large so that they can feed an entire can at one meal. No waste, and many claims that their dog enjoys the flavor profile.

A major complaint is that a gel base is used in the canned dog food blend. Although this helps to preserve the food and solidify it, it contains unnecessary additives dogs shouldn’t consume. So, this might not be as healthy for older dogs, as the company claims it to be. Some owners also claim their dog does not like the flavor of this canned food.

Hill’s Science Diet Senior

This dog food is for aging and senior dogs. The label has an age group of seven (plus), making it perfect for dogs who aren’t as active anymore. The youthful vitality blend is also available in several flavors. Owners can choose from chicken, beef, or turkey, as the primary ingredients.

Owners appreciate how this food is specially made for older dogs. It has the ingredients which help lubricate their joints, improve mobility, and revitalize their coat. Owners also like that the food is rich in high-quality protein sources. Additionally, it doesn’t contain soy, grains, or additives in the blend.

One complaint reviewers note is that the food might give dogs bad breath. Some also claim the product packaging isn’t well-made, and the cans arrive dented/damaged.¬†

Nutro Wild Frontier

Wild Frontier High Protein Grain Free Pate Wet Cat Food, Salmon &…

  • Contains Twenty-Four (24) 2.6-Oz. Twin Packs (48 Servings Total) Of Nutro Wild Frontier Perfect Portions Pate Real…
  • Wholesome Nutrition With High Quality Animal Protein Source As The First Ingredient
  • Inspired By Nature, This Grain-Free Cat Food Is Formulated With No Corn, Wheat, Or Soy

Available in beef, chicken, turkey, and other protein blends, every owner finds a flavor their dog enjoys. The grain-free canned food is void of fillers and by products. The manufacturers add gravy to help enhance the flavor, without injecting artificial ingredients into the dog food.

Owners like how many specific flavors are available. Additionally, the dog food is grain free, soy free, and doesn’t contain corn. The label doesn’t list any artificial colors or additives in the dog food either. The dog is perfect for younger puppies, through aging adults, so it is beneficial for dogs of all ages.

Owners note their dogs had diarrhea after eating the food. A possibility is because of the high content of gravy which is found in the food.


The grain-free food is perfect for healthy digestion. Foods with health issues or digestive concerns may benefit from this canned food blend. It is available in beef, chicken, salmon, and turkey flavors. So, owners can find a taste that even the pickiest of dogs will enjoy.

Owners appreciate how the first two ingredients are protein and veggies. The food doesn’t contain heavy grains, corn, or soy in the mix. Avocado oil is also a healthy fat in the food. The oil will help with joint and bone issues. It also helps aid in the digestive process for many dogs.

Some owners claim their dog had allergic reactions to the ingredients in the food. Some reviewers claim that the food causes their dog’s fur and skin to dry out. The dog food is also much higher in cost than competitor label brands.

As a pet owner, you want your dog to be healthy, meaning a healthy diet is a foundation for raising them. That also means choosing the best canned dog food to feed them. For those who want the best canned dog food which is rich in nutrients and has a rich flavor profile, the Hill’s Science Perfect Weight food is a great choice. It is available in several flavor blends. The food also helps older dogs with joint and mobility issues, with naturally lubricating oils and ingredients in the blend. The dog food comes in quality packaging.

With so many options to choose from, owners must consider several foods to find the best canned dog food for their pet. Hill’s Science has done a great job in manufacturing healthy foods, with rich ingredient blends. And, offering various flavors, allows owners to try out several, to find what their dog likes best.