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Most Common Canine Health Issues

Dogs are a significant part of our lives. We live with them, we take care of them, and we develop a loving relationship with them. That's...
bulldog ate pumpkin

4 Pumpkin Dog Treats You Can Make at Home for Your...

You know your dog loves treats. If you want some ariety in the treats give your dog, you should look pumpkin dog treats you can make it home.
fried sweet potato in a plate

Sweet Potato Dog Treats That You Should Go Make

Does your dog love sweet potato dog treats? If your dog is crazy for sweet potato, read on to find out how and why to make these tasty treats today!

Primal Cravings: What Did Dogs Eat Before Dog Food?

A dog's diet should be much as their ancestor -- the wolf. What we fed them prior to commercial dog food should not shock anyone. They ate raw meat.
Dog food on a silver bowl - eukanuba dog food review

Eukanuba Dog Food Review: High Quality Your Pooch Will Love

Giving your dog nutritionally balanced food is monumental, hence the reason why you are likely looking at a Eukanuba dog food review.
Dog eating dogfood on a silver bowl

Best Grain Free Dog Food: Our Top 10 Brands

It’s the middle of the night, and as you sleepily make your way to the bathroom, you step, barefoot naturally, in a pool of...
Pet food

How to Switch Dog Food Without Causing Digestion Problems

If you need to change what you're feeding your dog, you need to learn how to switch dog food. Switching too fast can lead to stomach upset for your pup!
what is chicken meal in dog foodwhat is chicken meal in dog food

What Is Chicken Meal in Dog Food? Critical Facts You Need...

As the owner of two beloved dogs, I often put a lot of thought into choosing their food. One of my dogs has food...
best senior dog food

The Best Senior Dog Food You Can Get for Your Aging...

The best senior dog food will ensure that your beloved pooch enjoys their golden years. Here are seven foods to consider for your aging best friend.